Cybersecurity Solutions

At Zymr, we help secure your digital transformation efforts against raging cyberattacks and vulnerabilities with our premium expertise in cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Solutions

We Build Cybersecurity Digital Ecosystems for Your Competitive Moat

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Cybersecurity Solutions - Case StudyCybersecurity Solutions - Case StudyCybersecurity Solutions - Case StudyCybersecurity Solutions - Case Study Cybersecurity Solutions - Case Study - Peerlyst

Our Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity portfolio encompasses a variety of offerings, including SASE, SSPM, CSPM, Ecosystem Integrations, ZTNA and more. Check out our services leveraging our cloud-first Cybersecurity expertise.

Secure Access Service Edge

We have helped develop award-winning cloud-native SASE solutions equipped with Zero Trust, cloud security, and SaaS security among others. Our SASE offerings cover networking solutions like NaaS, SDN, SD-Wan, AIOps and more.

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

We help cybersecurity enterprises and ISVs build SSPM solution for continuous benchmarking of SaaS applications. Our solutions help with better visibility into SaaS configurations for proactive threat mitigations.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Our cloud security expertise helps us with early detection of data misconfigurations, compliance irregularities, and data protection issues in complex cloud architectures. We help our clients build CSPM solutions against data breaches, network attacks, and cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

We help our clients protect their operations environments with strong authentication and access control. Our ZTNA expertise enables our clients to ensure a minimal-access maximum security model for better protection, visibility and control.
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Cybersecurity Solutions - Case Study
Cybersecurity Solutions - Case Study
Our Cybersecurity CAPABILITIES
Cybersecurity Solutions - Cloud Security Management

Cloud Security Management

We offer our cloud security expertise for cloud monitoring, CSPM, broader visibility, and compliance management and security configuration management. Our cloud security management capabilities are aimed at a consistent protection of cloud in your digital transformation journey.

Cybersecurity Threat Management

For the protection of critical assets and legacy applications, our cybersecurity experts offer intelligent tools and technologies help with automated monitoring, detection, and remediation of threats against network, data, infrastructure and more.

Data Protection

Our data protection capabilities enable us to build deep data leakage protection platforms and with packet inspection, policy enforcement, and quick remediation features. We also help our cybersecurity clients to ensure strong data privacy compliance for their applications and services.

Security Compliance Management

We help our clients assess and quantify their compliance risks to build an effective digital ecosystem that holds strong against compliance vulnerabilities. Our experts also offer digital solutions for control management, real-time monitoring, compliance updates for cloud services.
Stay At the Tip of the cybersecurity Spear
Tech Skills
Our tech skills for cybersecurity services include cybersecurity solutions for risk assessment, security audits, data monitoring, and access control.
Domain Skills
We bring domain-specific cybersecurity offerings for data protection, RiskOps, DDoS protection, IoT security built around ontology analytics and strategic expertise.
Dev Expertise
Our experts offer development proficiency for cloud and SaaS security posture along with data security, business continuity, and zero trust.
Automate Expertise
We offer automation expertise for intelligent configuration management, risk assessment, incident response, and quick remediation suggestions.


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Empowering Secure Digital Transformation with Zero Trust Security

Zymr’s RSA Award Winning SASE Expertise for your Cybersecurity Products

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